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Cosmic Shimmer - Luna Paste

Color: Stellar Jade

Price:  $ 9.50 
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Cosmic Shimmer Luna Paste is a water-based texture gel packed full of shimmering glitter crystals. This sparkling paste can be applied using a spatula, brush or sponge, through stencils or just as a free-standing texture. Apply by smoothing over your craft project in one direction and leave to dry.

Pot Size: 50ml

Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for 14 year old +. Should product come in contact with eyes, rince with clean water and seek medical advice.
Glam things up a notch! Simply paste over a stencil or rub directly onto a surface. Effective on a variety of materials. This 2x1.75 inch package contains one container of glitter paste. Imported.