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Altenew - Hill Blossoms Layering Stencil Set (2 in 1)


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Bring beautiful blossoming wildflowers to the page with this one-of-a-kind layering stencil set!

Altenew is here to take the 'layering' concept to another level with the introduction of Simple Layering Stencils. With a few simple steps, you will now get gorgeous layering images with very little effort.

The Hill Blossoms Simple Layering Stencil Set features a bunch of small wildflowers that you can layer with your favorite ink colors. Stencil 1 has all the cut-outs for the layers of the flowers, and Stencil 2 has the cut-outs for the two layers of the leaves and branches. You may apply color to either stencil first, and follow it up with the other. We recommend starting with the lightest base layer and then moving up to darker shades.

This stencil set is easy to use, and you will be able to create beautiful projects in no time!