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Cosmic Shimmer - Metallic Guilding Polish: Golden Olive


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Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish is a water-based mica paste used to create a metallic sheen color on any porous surface. 

Quickly add solid metallic coverage, or subtle highlights on any porous craft surface (cardstock, wood, paper, etc) instantly.

Each 50ml glass jar includes a sponge applicator. Simply dip the sponge into the product and wipe off the excess on the side of the jar (you don't use much at all). Then apply the Gilding Polish directly to your surface in sweeping or circular motions, depending on the look you wish to achieve. The product dries in seconds, allowing you to stamp over the top almost immediately.

Can also be applied with your finger, a cloth, or even a rubber stamp. Great for use through plastic stencils as well.

Wash sponge and hands with warm soapy water.

This product is not a wax-based product, it is water-based. This allows you to stamp over the top using standard ink, as there is no wax to act as a resist!! 

50 ml glass jar with sponge applicator in the lid.